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About Me

photo by Glen Allsop

Hi, I'm Yossy Arefi, a Brooklyn based photographer and baker. Originally from Seattle, I moved east where I worked in restaurant kitchens honing my baking skills for a few years before hanging up my apron and picking up my camera full time in 2012. Apt. 2B Baking Co. started in October 2010 when I decided to combine my loves of photography and baking into this neat little package. I love my trusty Pentax film cameras, baking seasonally inspired treats, making small batch jams and pickles, and I long for a house with a kitchen garden and space for some chickens and dogs out back.

You can listen to me chat about food, family, and photography on Heritage Radio Network's The Food Seen HERE

and peek into my pantry on Pantry Confidential HERE

I'd love to work with you on your next photography or food project. You can see my portfolio here: yossyarefi.com 

Contact me by email at: apt2bbakingco@gmail.com

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Some FAQs

1. What kind of camera do you use?
Apt 2B Baking Co. is shot exclusively with vintage film cameras (plus a few well labeled instagrams every now and then). Much of my professional work is shot digitally with a Canon 5d Mark III.

2. Can I buy a print of one of the photographs from your blog?
Absolutely. Email me: apt2bbakingco@gmail.com and we'll work it out.

3. Can I use your photos or content on my blog?
Probably, but please email me first just to make sure.


  1. Love your photography and your website -
    Warm wishes from Canada
    Marcy Goldman (www.betterbaking.com)

  2. Your site inspires and encourages me to bake even more!! You are very beautiful and your photography is astounding! Love your work!!

    Andy Brown
    Culinary student at large

    1. Hi Andy, Thank you so much for your kind words!

  3. Hi Yossy, I've been rumbling through your site just loving your rustic breads and fruit creations...not to mention your beautiful photos! I'm adapting your recipes to be whole grain for me and my diabetes, and they have been working very well. Today I'll try the rye puff pastry with some of my berries from the garden. I'm going to sub in white wheat and see how that goes...plenty of protein in the flour and gluten, so should be good, but possibly a bit tougher than the original.
    I live on Vashon Island on a small farm-ish of just under 2 acres with a big garden, orchards, berry house, perennial gardens and yes, 16 chickens, a dog and a cat. I aspire to stay home and create and grow...but meanwhile, hi ho, I'm off to work in the city 3 days a week. Thanks for the inspiration! Laurie Boroughs

  4. Hi Yossy! So happy to have stumbled upon your blog. I too use a film camera often, but have recently added a digital to my collection. Your love for film inspires me to always keep up with it! And your photos... they are beautiful.
    I would love to share with you my pictures once I use your apple galette recipe - yum!
    All the best, Emily

  5. It's a wonderful blog, congrats on the Food & Wine feature!

  6. I just love your photos, they are absolytely stunnig!! Whis I could be as good as you are :) Thank you for sharing your photos,

    Sirpa, Finland

  7. Great photos and your baking expertise shines!

  8. Hi Yossy, Just recently found your site and it's absolutely gorgeous! Love the style of your photos and posts! Keep up the great work :)


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