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Monday, February 13, 2012

Honeyed Grapefruit Granita

You'll have to excuse the me for publishing this recipe today, you're probably looking for something a little more heart shaped, red velvety or made of chocolate. Well I'm sorry to say that I can't offer you anything like that. What I do have is this bright, tart, and dead easy to put together dessert which is a nice way to top off a hearty meal like the one you may be cooking for your loved one(s) tomorrow. For this batch of granita I used grapefruit that were labeled pink, but as you can see the finished batch was decidedly pale yellow. Try using texas ruby red grapefruit or a splash of hot pink Campari in your granita if you'd like a more pink finished product.

Are you all cooking tomorrow? What are you making, I still need some ideas!

Honeyed Grapefruit Granita
yield about 1 1/2 pints

1/2c sugar
1/2c water
1/4c mild honey
2c fresh squeezed grapefruit juice
juice of one lemon
mint leaves and grapefruit segments to garnish (optional)
sparkling wine to serve (optional)

1. In a small saucepan, bring the sugar and water to a boil to make a simple syrup. When the sugar has dissolved, remove the pan from the heat and chill the mixture. Measure 2/3c of the finished chilled syrup, you may have a bit extra that you can save for a cocktail or to sweeten iced coffee.
2. In a medium bowl, add the simple syrup, honey, grapefruit juice, and lemon juice. Whisk well to combine. Pour the mixture into a 9x13 glass baking dish and cover with plastic wrap. Slide the dish into the freezer and chill for 1hr. Remove the dish from the freezer and scrape the granita with a fork to break up the mixture, cover and place back in the freezer. Scrape the granita every 30min or so until it is frozen and crystals have formed.
3. To serve: Spoon the granita into small dishes and top with fresh grapefruit segments, mint leaves, and a splash of champagne, cava or prosecco if you are feeling festive.


-If you have an ice cream machine, you can churn this mixture into a delicious sorbet.


  1. I love your non-heart shaped, non-red velvet post! Fingers crossed—I'm hopefully cooking nothing tomorrow. It's my husband's turn to plan V-Day.

  2. I, too, am down with the non-pink, non-heart-shaped V Day food. I'm planning on thick-cut pork chops. With perhaps, just a *tinge* of pink. :)

  3. I'm actually relieved to see something light and lovely. Having a food blog myself I have been making nothing but recipes for Valentine's Day and Fat Tuesday. This is what I want to eat now!

  4. So pretty! I love granitas because they don't require an ice cream maker.

  5. CAMPARI! What a brilliant food coloring idea, and one that I happen to have around the house at all times. I feel like real Italians would approve of this granita.

  6. I cannot wait to see your rangpur marmalade recipe. In the meantime, I'll admire this. I'm totally into that optional Campari, too.

  7. Hi Yossi!
    I'm back to look one more time and check my notes. It's warm here too so I've decided to give the Granita a try tomorrow! Will let you know. I know we'll love it!
    By the way can I ask where you found your blue-rimmed pan? My grandmother used to have a bunch and used them for everything & not just in the kitchen. Just curious.
    Have a great "warm" spell in the city!

    1. Hi Lisa, I'm so glad you're going to make the granita, it's such a yummy light treat. Remember, you can make granita as sweet or tart as you like it so feel free to play with the amount of syrup you use. I got my pan at an antique mall/flea market type place in Seattle, but I have seen them all over the country in similar shops. You may have to hunt a bit, but it will be worth it when you find one.

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