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Friday, March 8, 2013

Have a great weekend


Thank you all so much for your warm words about my move and return to this space, you guys are just so nice. Have a wonderful weekend!

A few links for good measure:

I always love reading Kelsey's point of view.
Dreaming of a trip to Italy and this pound cake.
I've never made gnocchi before, but this recipe by Nicole and Camille makes me want to give it a try.
These homemade english muffins with an unexpected ingredient look so tasty.
and I wish Laura would come over and make me this for lunch one day.

I'm heading to Austin next week for SXSW! I'd love to hear any of your recommendations for fun things to do and eat. As always, you can follow my adventures on Instagram.

Oh, and just after publishing my post on Monday I heard from an old neighbor that our old apartment has been completely gutted, to its very bones. Onward!


  1. i'm an austinite and i'd DEFINITELY recommend p. terry's! it's a great retro-style burger/fries/shake place and it's great for food photography! also, we have a great selection of local coffeehouses to choose from! :)

  2. Whoop! I totally WOULD make you some lunch, missy. You know this. Those English muffins are on my list too. Have fun at SXSW! Jeanine just posted an awesome food truck guide for Austin visitors: http://www.loveandlemons.com/2013/03/08/sxsw-austin-food-trucks/


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